September 5, 2011

Removing Border Lines

Does your blog have borders that you don't want? If you have the Minima template you will have 2 border lines around your header, a border around pictures and maybe a few other things. Want to know how to remove those border lines?

Here's how to remove border lines:
(This tutorial is for the Minima template but it may be similar for other templates.)
1. Go into the Design tab and click "Edit HTML".
2. Always back-up your template before you make any changes to your HTML. Read here to learn how to back-up your template.
3. Scroll down until you see this:

Where you see "border: 1px", change this to say "border: 0px", like this:

Now do the same thing in a few more places, like here (for the second border line around the header):

and here (if you don't want borders around the pictures in your posts):

and here (if you don't want a border around your profile picture):
That should get rid of those annoying border lines for you!



  1. Thanks for this! It has really been bugging me on a few of my blogs lately. Now they're all fixed. =O)


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