August 26, 2011

New and Unique Fonts

I recently found a website called Graphic Design Degree. The author, Grant Dobbins, offers lots of information on finding schools and getting started. I would love more than anything to get a degree in graphic design, but since I have neither the time or money for it, I found another part of his site that I found interesting as well. You may enjoy it too.

I know when I do a design I am always looking for new and unique fonts to use. Unfortunately, I don't always know the best places to look for fonts. I usually use but it's nice to have more than one resource. On Grant's site he has a page called "20 Amazing Web Sites to Find New and Unique Fonts". Not all of them are free, but you really can find some amazing fonts. If any of you are interested in typography, you can learn more on some of the links. 

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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