December 6, 2012

Christmas Dream Template

 This template includes:
  a wide 2-column layout
  a background
  a matching header
  a post icon (picture next to the post title)
  a post divider (picture in between each post)

You can add/change:
  •   the Blog title and description shown on the header
  •   the font colors
  •   the font  Click here to learn how.  (This template allows you to alter the date, post title and sidebar titles with a different font for each one.)
   Don't forget to add my button to your sidebar. Here's the code:

<center><a href=><img src=" Button.png"/></a></center>

Images copyright Katie Castillo
From her kit Heavenly Christmas


  1. Hi Dani, I'm looking for a blog designer to help me on my blog cuz I've been using the layout for years and I've zero ideas on how to design/change it. :( Can you help me on that? Really hope to receive a reply from you. Thank you so much! :)

    1. Can you send me an email about what exactly you are looking for? I am not currently doing custom designs but I may in the future. My email is blogdesignsbydani[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  4. Dani...Thanks so much for sharing. I have used it on my blog for my family's holiday. I know you aren't doing blogging anymore but wanted to say a big thank you for your design. - if there is any further attribution I should include please let me know.

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