February 10, 2011

Cute Fonts through Blogger

I posted earlier about how to add cute fonts to your blog. I then encountered problems and decided to go another route. Blogger actually has some really good fonts that are easy to install. I hadn't looked into it much because I thought the only fonts they had were the basic word-processing kind of fonts. But they actually have a decent selection.

Here's how to add them:

1. From your Blogger Dashboard, click Design.
2. Click on Template Designer from the upper left hand corner.
3. Click on Advanced from the upper left hand corner.
4. In the 2nd column from the left (next to Advanced) scroll down until you see "text font". To change the text font, click on text font and then scroll through the list of fonts. Click on the fonts to view them on your blog.
5. Make the text Bold or Italics by clicking either B or I.
6. To change the size of the text, either use the drop-down menu or enter a value (a percentage) yourself. If you use the drop-down menu, all of the text will be the exact same size. This means that your post titles, sidebar text, post text, etc. will all be the same size. Try it out, often this will look funny. If you enter a percentage, then the text will increase or decrease in size but they will do so proportionally. That means, if your post titles were twice as big as your text, then when you change the percentage to 120%, the post title will still be twice as big as your text, but they will both be 20% bigger than they were before. Enter different percentages and see what you like best. Lower than 100% makes the text smaller, higher makes the text bigger. (Click outside of the box, in the gray area, to see the changes applied.)
7. Repeat this for the Sidebar Title Font (which includes the date), Blog Title Font, Blog Description Font, and Post Footer Font (the text where your labels and comments are).
8. Once you like what you see, click Apply to Blog in the top right corner and then either View Blog or Back to Blogger.
9. To go back to your blog without saving changes, click Back to Blogger. Your blog will look the same as it did before you went to the Template Designer.

Here's an image of what you will see when you edit the fonts (click on the image to see it bigger):


If you like the fonts on my blog, they are:
     Georgia for the text font (I like a basic font for text so that it is easier to read.)
     Rock Salt for the sidebar title font
     Neucha for the footer font (I had to choose a small font to fit all of my comment categories.)


  1. Thanks...I have looked at that font spot a thousand times, but never saw the newer fonts.

  2. I have used your swirls template on my blog and now have some really cool fonts on there too. My blog looks fantastic now :-)

    Take a peek if you have a moment:

    Thanks for all the information and the template. Keep up the good work x

  3. thank you for sharing step by step process of change all fonts of blog. :)

  4. you can get more cute font from here All Fonts

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have been searching for this and you are right, it is TOO easy! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Thank you, thank you over and over again...so simple and I have been making it so hard....you are the best!

  7. OMG!I never thought it's so simple!Thank you so much!!

  8. hi, thankyou so much for this. may i ask, how do i add facebook and twitter to my sidebars?

  9. Thank you so much for the wonderful templates! I am starting a school blog and your designs are perfect and everything is so easy to follow!

  10. hey im tottally new to this and what to make blog about fashion,food, and interest. i need help.

    1. Here are a few tutorials to help you get started:

      Getting Started Tutorials

      Some of them are outdated so if you have questions about them, let me know. If you have specific questions on getting started, leave a comment or send me an email.


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