July 1, 2011

Soft Dots and Plaid Header

Use with the background: Soft Dots and Plaid

http://headers.blogdesignsbydani.com/JustSoScrappy/Soft Dots and Plaid Header_small.jpg

http://headers.blogdesignsbydani.com/JustSoScrappy/Soft Dots and Plaid Header.jpg

Design Elements by Just So Scrappy
(from her kit called Baby Mine Boy)


  1. Hi Dani, I usually use your templates, but I love this design. Unfortunately, when I added this header to my new blog I followed the directions, but when I viewed it, the header didn't actually shrink to fit like it should have. If I unselected shrink to fit, I could see the whole header, but it was too large and not centered. Can you help me, please?
    Thank you! I love this design; it's so cute!
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper
    Hangin' with Momma Cooper

  2. Hi LeAnne,
    I'm so sorry it isn't working. You are the second person to ask me this question. I don't know what has changed with Blogger but it does the same thing for me. Have you tried to resize it yourself and then upload it? I will try that and get back to you.

  3. LeAnne,

    Use this code instead:

    http://headers.blogdesignsbydani.com/JustSoScrappy/Soft Dots and Plaid Header_small.jpg


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