July 29, 2011

Backgrounds to be Deleted

A month or two ago I said I needed to delete the backgrounds that no one was using so that I could free up more space for my images. I have gone through and made a list of the backgrounds that no one has left any comments on, indicating to me that they were using them or were interested in them. I am only considering the old ones from 2009. If you have one of my old backgrounds, please look through this list and leave a comment on this post if you would like one of these to be kept. Click on the title to go to the post with that background.

Fun with Circles
Bubble Madness
Green Foliage
Rows of Flowers
Pink Grungy Swirls
Black n White Design
Green Embellished Swirls
Red n Orange Squares
4th of July: USA Flag
Stripes n Bubbles
Blue n Brown Diagonal Stripes
Blue n Green Diagonal Stripes
Red, Blue n Green Circles
Purple Plaid n Flowers
Blue Plaid n Flowers
Lime Green n Flowers
Lime Green Flowers n Stripes

Yellow, Red and Green Plaid and Stars
Wide Woven Blue

Pink n Orange Button
Falling Flowers - Pink
Falling Flowers - Blue
Falling Flowers - Purple

Blue Beveled
Multi-Colored Diamonds and Stripes
Sepia Striped Grain
Pink Flowers
Blue Flowers
Blue Torn
Brown n White n Orange
Brown n White n Pink

Green Circles
Green Waves
Green Swirls
Purple Stripes
Stars n Squiggles
Orange Squiggles
Wide Woven Pink 2
Wide Woven
Woven Black n White
Tulips, Tulips

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