March 15, 2011

Happy Flowers Template

 By using this template, you agree to the terms of use.
Click here for the link to html code
 This template includes:
  a wide 2-column layout (950px)
  a background
  a matching header
  a post icon (picture next to the post title)
  a post divider (picture in between each post)

You can add/change:
  the font  (Click here to learn how.)
  the Blog title and description shown on the header

Don't forget to add my button to your sidebar. Here's the code:

<center><a href=><img src=" Button.png"/></a></center>

Design Elements by Just So Scrappy
From her kit Happy Day 


  1. I love this template!!!! You have such an eye for digital art. I keep checking back for more. Please oh prtty please make more. I have 2 blogs and my other one is just not cute enough anymore.

    Also, I need to still add your logo to my blog but I was wondering if you have thought of making them match the teplates / bacgrounds. I know like you have nothing else to do. But I figured I would ask. Keep making these awesome backgrounds and templates.

  2. Thanks so much!! That is a great idea. I will add it to my list of things to do and hopefully have those up soon. I have been meaning to update my buttons for a while now!

  3. I followed your directions but the only thing that worked was the header...there is no background. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Sometimes if you still have your old background up it won't show the new one. Remove the old one and it should show up.

    I checked your blog (is it the Vintage Wedding one?) and I saw the background but the butterfly icon has gone a little crazy. Do you want help fixing this? Send me an email if you do.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks Annie! I'm sorry but the background can only be white. The entire background (including the part behind the writing) is one big picture so you can't change that.

  7. I get compliments all the time on this template! Thank you!! I'm searching for a button now :)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your designs...I have just updated both my blogs with your backgrounds and done a post about you...hugs Khris

  9. Thank you so much I love my new blog look! I wear your button with pride, hugs Susan x

  10. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I was looking for!

  11. Hi Dani

    I love this blog background but for some reason I am unable to change any of the fonts. Would you know why this is? I am following your instructions but nothing happening. Thanks Dani so much
    Claire x


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