June 30, 2014

Backgrounds Will Return Soon!

I am so sorry that my designs have disappeared! My hosting service is supposed to renew automatically but I received an email last month saying it failed to renew. So I logged in and renewed it myself, or so I thought. Well, I have been busy with my new little one and didn't check my email and blog until today and saw that my background was gone! I have been trying to make the payment on their site but the purchase button does nothing. I am very frustrated with it but I have sent a message to them and will call in the morning if it doesn't get fixed. Again I am so sorry that it all disappeared!

If you were wondering....my new little baby has arrived and is doing well. He was my speedy delivery and arrived less than an hour after I got to the hospital. He is adorable and so sweet but does not like to leave my arms, which is why I have not checked back on the blog. He is 7 weeks old now and is finally letting me get a few things done during the day. Once I get into a better routine with him and/or once my preschooler starts school in the fall, I will have more time for this but I am wondering how many of you would still follow my blog. I don't often get much feedback on my posts so I am wondering how helpful my blog is. Please let me know if you would like me to continue posting and/or if you would like my designs to continue.



  1. I'm so glad that it came back! I've been to many background site, but nothing can compare to yours. I really love your work, please don't let it disappeared again, eventhough it's free..:(

    Thank You.

  2. Congrats on your new little one! It is not easy balancing two young ones with all the rest that goes on in life, so do not worry... We will not forget you! Hugs!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    I just found your wonderful website, and I think it is not only very helpful but also a unique piece of art work. A true masterpiece!

    Please don't give up on your blog, and designs. It looks like you put so much into them that it would leave a giant void in the creative world if it were to end. A true travesty!

  4. I'm relativity new to the blogging world and was looking to make my beloved little blog look better - after a few hours of searching (and becoming close to giving up) I found you templates. I've used one on my blog & love it, so thank-you! :)



  5. I love your designs I hope you come back , It be great to see new stuff :) maybe even new Autism set ;) I hope you doing good take caer.

  6. Congrats!! Little ones are a handful but so enjoyable!! I really love your designs and use them on my blog, changing them almost monthly, LOL. I came by today to find a nice Fall/Halloween design and saw your new post. Was wondering what was going on when my background disappeared a month or so ago!! :) Have a great day and thanks for sharing your designs with us!!

  7. hi!! actually I've been trying to get my blog background done... but unfortunately can't
    i think its the code? cause otherwise the size of the picture is perfect
    whenever i use your background it comes perfectly but when i try to use my pic it doesn't is there anyway out of this?

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely designs!!! My students love them.
    This is the wonderful result thank to you!

  9. Lovely designs dear, I am impressed with your blog. Thanks!

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  10. Dani you should try Mediafire. They host images and do not resize them and they are free. Stop paying for image hosting sites! Love your designs!

  11. I have a quick question for you. We are using one of your beautiful blog designs and it has worked fabulously for us. But just recently the sidebar disappeared on the main page. It still appears when you click on one of the posts, but on the main page it is left completely blank. I would love to know if you've come across this before. Our blog address is: http://missmichaleaann.blogspot.com/ If you click on one of the blog posts, you can see the information that used to be on the main page. Can't figure out why the main page sidebar went blank after months of working correctly. Any thoughts?? Thanks again for your beautiful designs.

  12. Never mind, the side bar returned. Sorry to have bothered you! LOVE your blog designs!!

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