November 14, 2013

Posts, Contributors, Advertising...

Hello Everyone,

It sure has been a while since I last posted. As I have thought more about this blog, I have been realizing the importance of keeping it going to some degree. I do not have time to post regularly, but I would like to look into having contributors and making my own posts occasionally. I have had a few interested contributors that I will be contacting soon. (I have had a stressful last few months that will hopefully get better soon.) I also am looking into advertising to help me pay my hosting fees. My last donation has lasted for a long time but will be used up at the end of the month. If anyone would like to make another donation to help me pay my hosting fees until I get things running again, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few advertising ideas, but for those of you that have advertising on your blog, how do you manage it? I would love to get feedback on how to get good relevant advertising on my blog (other than Google ads).

Lastly, I do not have as much time for blog design but I do enjoy other projects and crafts. Would you be interested in posts other than blog design? For example, I am planning a Lego party for my son. Would anyone be interested in the projects I made for the party? If I make Christmas crafts or other sewing projects, would you be interested in reading about those? I would love to get your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who has still stuck around and supported my blog! I have been overwhelmed by the kind comments so many of you have shared since I stopped posting. Thank you so much!



  1. Hello Dani,

    I am actually new to your blog, this is my first time visiting. I do hope the coming months are much less stressful for you!
    To the point of my comment, besides to say how lovely your blog is, of course. I am not too familiar with advertising as I am just starting out my own blog, but I've been looking around and there seems to be many great options.
    I, however, do enjoy arts and crafts, and I'm sure I would love the sewing patterns once I learn to sew. I'm a big fan of Pinterest, and I get lots of ideas from there. It would be even better, though, to have another blog to add to my favorites that featured some nice tutorials for arts and crafts and such. It would be awesome to have some new ideas as I love giving homemade items as gifts, so much more satisfaction than just buying someone a gift card. I say, go with what your gut is telling you. If it's telling you to branch out with your blog, then go for it! Best of luck!

  2. Hello, Dani
    Thank you very much for your templates, I'm using one of yours in my blog.
    Hopefully, you'll always make your innovation :)
    I'm sorry for my English, mine is little bad. Once again, thank you! Keep spirit!

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