March 11, 2013

Signing off soon, but first....

Hello everyone,

I have been contemplating for the LONGEST time what I should do with this blog. I have so little time for it and it is hard for me to spend all of my free time here. I haven't been posting very often but I think I may have to call it quits soon. I meant to post about this and tell everyone what that means in terms of all my free designs. I also wanted to give you a few last pointers on designing your blogs and offer links to other design blogs.

However, I have had a several requests for a tutorial on my drop-down navigation bar. I don't have a lot of time, so if this isn't something that a large audience will read, I may not post it. But, if I can get a lot of comments in favor of this tutorial, I will make this my last tutorial. And then I will offer my goodbyes and my last advice to help you with your blog.

I am so very sorry to have to quit this blog, but my family must come first.  :)



  1. I would love to see a post on this! I can follow your directions because they are so clear and precise.

  2. I don't blame you.. your making the right decision. I love your work. I know you willl keep it up regardless. All the best

  3. Yes would love a post also.
    Yes family does come first and good luck with all you are doing in the future...
    Thanks for all the great tempaltes over the years...

  4. Would love the post, but I get the family thing. Best of luck and warm wishes for a giving soul.

  5. I would also love to see a tutorial on the drop down tabs. Sorry you are leaving, but family DEFINITELY must come first. Good luck.

  6. I just found you and hate to see you go. You make all so easy to understand and I love your designs. But having raised my family I most certainly understand your decision.

  7. please please please, would love to have this tutorial! I am sad to see you say good-bye but understand we all have to do what's best for ourselves & our families and I'm sure you've thought hard about this. Thanks for all the tips along the way!

  8. Working on the navigation bar tutorial :)

  9. This blog has been so helpful for me in creating my blog layout and learning tips! I'm sad to see you leave and I hope you'll still keep the blog up so we can still access your great tutorials :) take care x

  10. Sad to see you go, I use your blog as reference all the time! I'd love to see the tutorial...

  11. I love your free blog backgrounds; they're the best out there. Are they going away? If so, I'm sorry to see you go, but thanks for all you've done.

    I'm glad you're putting your family first; good for you!

    1. Thanks, Angie. I'm working on a post that explains whether they will be available. It's a little complicated.

  12. Oh no! I will be so sad to see you leave us! However, I love that you are putting your family first. :)
    I'll be looking for your post about the free blog design I am using. My fingers are crossed that it will still be available until I can find a new designer. :)

    Take care, Dani. You'll be missed!

    Read With Me ABC

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