December 16, 2010

How to Place Your Picture in the Header Frame

1. To place a picture below this header so that it fits in the frame, you will need an editing program like, Photoshop Elements, or even PowerPoint. You need any program that lets you build layers.
2. Right click on the header and choose Save to save it to your computer.
3. Open the header in your graphics/photo editing program.
4. Open your photo in this same graphics/photo editing program.
5. Place both the photo and the header in the same file but on separate layers in your program.
6. Make sure that the photo is on the layer below the header.
7. Save your image as a jpeg.
8. Upload your new header to your blog! (How to upload the header to your blog.)

These instructions are for my headers that are png files. I will update my past headers to be png files so that they are easier to add pictures to them.


  1. I have looked & looked for a tutorial on this! Im so glad you posted! I had someone do mine, because I could never figure it out. Hopefully now I too am able to do this!

    Thank you & really do appreciate all of what you post! Makes blogging life much easier!


  2. Wonderful, It's nice collection, like the blog. Thanks to share for this blog ...............


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