June 30, 2014

Backgrounds Will Return Soon!

I am so sorry that my designs have disappeared! My hosting service is supposed to renew automatically but I received an email last month saying it failed to renew. So I logged in and renewed it myself, or so I thought. Well, I have been busy with my new little one and didn't check my email and blog until today and saw that my background was gone! I have been trying to make the payment on their site but the purchase button does nothing. I am very frustrated with it but I have sent a message to them and will call in the morning if it doesn't get fixed. Again I am so sorry that it all disappeared!

If you were wondering....my new little baby has arrived and is doing well. He was my speedy delivery and arrived less than an hour after I got to the hospital. He is adorable and so sweet but does not like to leave my arms, which is why I have not checked back on the blog. He is 7 weeks old now and is finally letting me get a few things done during the day. Once I get into a better routine with him and/or once my preschooler starts school in the fall, I will have more time for this but I am wondering how many of you would still follow my blog. I don't often get much feedback on my posts so I am wondering how helpful my blog is. Please let me know if you would like me to continue posting and/or if you would like my designs to continue.