July 24, 2012

Blogs on Mobile Devices

Have you ever looked at your blog or other Blogger blogs from a mobile device like a phone or a tablet? You may be surprised to see that the background doesn't always look right. Let me first tell you what is wrong and then show you what you can do about it.

If you use any of my free backgrounds or other similar backgrounds from other sites you will notice a problem with the size and position of that background. Below is a rough sketch of what you might see when you view a blog on a phone:

On a mobile device, the background image is shrunk down to fit the size of the screen. But because a phone is much longer than it is wide, the image does not fill the screen. You could turn your phone on its side but it still does not fit the screen right. Also, the background image stays fixed at one position on the screen. It may be at the top or centered in the middle as you see above. Either way, this means that as you scroll, the background image will not move with your blog.

So how can you work around this problem and still have a great design on your blog? Let me tell you...

July 20, 2012

Update to Background Tutorial

I have noticed that a lot of the free backgrounds and more decorative backgrounds can take a long time for some computers to load. In fact, I have heard friends complain that the images on some blogs take so long to load that their slow computers just can't handle it. To help with this, I have updated my tutorial on How to Make Your Own Background using the Minima template. It is a simpler background that loads quickly on computers but still looks great. In some ways it even looks more professional than the more decorative designs.

Check it out here: 

July 9, 2012

An Update and Tutorial Requests

So it has been a month since I last posted an update and I am doing much better now. I am not fully recovered but I am doing significantly better. I have gone from lying in bed all day to sitting most of the day...still can't do much but I can sit at the computer for longer periods of time.

I still am not allowed to bend or lift more than 10 pounds and won't be able to for a little while longer. Since my toddler weighs a lot more than 10 pounds I am not able to take care of him on my own. To get the help I need, I am going to be staying with my parents for a while. I won't have access to my own computer there and won't have Photoshop to make any more designs then.

This means that anyone interested in Custom Designs will have to wait. You can email me for time frames of when I will be available again. Because of my surgery, I have gotten very behind on taking care of my house and many other personal things. So even if I am feeling up to designing again, it may take me a little longer to get caught up and be ready to design again.

However, I may still be able to do a few tutorials. I will even show you how to create designs using Pixlr or any other design software I find on my parents' computer. I want to do tutorials, but I really want to do the ones that matter most to you. I have compiled a list of questions readers have asked or tutorials that have been requested and I want to know which ones you want to see first. Also, if you have another tutorial request, please leave me a comment. (My comments are moderated, so they don't show up right away. But don't worry, I'll publish all comment requests. I just like to remove all junk and spam comments myself.) Here's the list in no particular order:

1. How to create a background around the middle posting section (like the white, orange and green background around my middle section)
2. How to change the title of your blog to not all be upper case
3. How to get your header to fit your blog better, how to center it, etc.
4. How to get your designs to look good on mobile devices (Have you ever looked at your blog on a phone or tablet? It doesn't always look as good.)
5. How to make your own social icons
6. How to add a signature to all of your posts using Blogger's new templates
7. How to make a wrap-around design like my Ultimate Design (This tutorial is complicated and will require a lot of time for me, but let me know if you are interested.)

What else do you want to learn? Don't be afraid to ask!