November 14, 2013

Posts, Contributors, Advertising...

Hello Everyone,

It sure has been a while since I last posted. As I have thought more about this blog, I have been realizing the importance of keeping it going to some degree. I do not have time to post regularly, but I would like to look into having contributors and making my own posts occasionally. I have had a few interested contributors that I will be contacting soon. (I have had a stressful last few months that will hopefully get better soon.) I also am looking into advertising to help me pay my hosting fees. My last donation has lasted for a long time but will be used up at the end of the month. If anyone would like to make another donation to help me pay my hosting fees until I get things running again, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few advertising ideas, but for those of you that have advertising on your blog, how do you manage it? I would love to get feedback on how to get good relevant advertising on my blog (other than Google ads).

Lastly, I do not have as much time for blog design but I do enjoy other projects and crafts. Would you be interested in posts other than blog design? For example, I am planning a Lego party for my son. Would anyone be interested in the projects I made for the party? If I make Christmas crafts or other sewing projects, would you be interested in reading about those? I would love to get your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who has still stuck around and supported my blog! I have been overwhelmed by the kind comments so many of you have shared since I stopped posting. Thank you so much!